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The H2o element in Space

Do you ever feel like there’s not much you can do to save our planet?

Well, you can. And it’s very simple: by joining Space2o Aquapreneurs.
As the world’s population continues to grow, we’re running out of land. Land to live on, land to grow food and biofuels in. On the water, there’s space enough: about 70% of our planet is sparkling blue. And since most cities are located on the coast, they can easily expand on the water. Agricultural land around cities will remain functional, so it’s no longer necessary to sacrifice nature. The underwater space is even greater! Autonomous underwater habitats can also be developed by Space2o engineers as an extension to floating islands.
Most of the world’s largest cities are located in vulnerable coastal areas.
With sea levels rising and more extreme weather, more and more flooding will occur in the future. In 2015, natural disasters displaced more people than war. Poor people in rapidly developing cities are particularly at risk. On water, floating houses, farms, roads and parks automatically adapt to the rising water level during a flood or storm. We can even create a floating breakwater structure to protect the floating city itself, and the city on the land. New submersible craft technology by Space2o will provide safe maritime transportation for passengers to commute from land to floating islands and underwater habitats. New efficient green-energy space age based power systems  will be implemented to power both the floating and underwater colonies as well as the maritime and underwater transportation mobility.

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